Ambassador sunglasses influencer scam

Smile Smile 14 Iulie

This is a dishonest marketing technique where a user will reach out to you on a social media platform, usually Instagram, and offer you the chance to work with or promote a brand. Sometimes the main brand account will reach out to you, but other times a fresh account will message you and direct you to contact the main account. Working with the brand will involve buying their products, though you may be offered a discount. This technique is usually used by dropshipping sites that sell items from Aliexpress at inflated prices, so even with the discount they will make money from your order. This is simply a marketing technique sent to many people at once to get people to order from their site, so if you receive a message like this all you need to do is ignore it.

RO/MD: Aceasta este o tehnică de marketing necinstită în care un utilizator vă va contacta pe o platformă de socializare, de obicei Instagram, și vă va oferi șansa de a lucra cu sau de a promova un brand. Uneori, contul principal al mărcii vă va contacta, dar alteori un nou cont vă va trimite mesaje și vă va direcționa să contactați contul principal. Lucrul cu brandul va implica cumpărarea produselor, deși vi se poate oferi o reducere. Această tehnică este de obicei folosită de site-urile de dropshipping care vând articole de pe Aliexpress la prețuri umflate, așa că chiar și cu reducere vor câștiga bani din comanda dumneavoastră. Aceasta este pur și simplu o tehnică de marketing trimisă mai multor persoane simultan pentru a-i determina pe oameni să comande de pe site-ul lor, așa că, dacă primiți un astfel de mesaj, tot ce trebuie să faceți este să îl ignorați.

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  1. Alex Alex 14 Iulie (ed..)

    It is a scam. I didn't proceed with them far enough to see to what extent.

    They will offer you a very generic discount code like FREE100 and ask you to make your selection on their website. If you proceed to the site and make a selection, once you arrive at checkout the discount code will appear to redeem and your selection will appear free. Only you then will be asked to pay shipping and the cost of shipping is high.

    I am an influencer IG, and I can safely say that they are not legit. Compared to legit companies who I have worked with in the past, there are a few red flags.

    1-No Legit company seeking endorsements or reviews will ever ask you to pay for shipping. They handle it all on their end.

    2- Brands will usually want something specific in return, and they will clearly lay out what that is. It might be something as simple as a product review which they would want by a specified date.

    3- They won't attempt to sell you on the idea of being an influencer, or brand ambassador just because. They want to work with users who can help them reach a larger audience, and they do this by working with users who already have an established reach to an active audience.

    4- Successful companies will take care to show that they have a genuine interest in collaborating by personalizing messages. They will review an Instagram page and verify that it has relevant content that fits their brand, as well as a good "reach." This company appears to send an automated message, they don't even refer to you by name.