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Smile Smile 24 Octombrie 2022

Free tier of Heroku Dynos, Postgres and Data for Redis will no longer be available after November 28, 2022. Let's find a list of services with a free plan that developers can use as an alternative to Heroku. Feel free to submit PRs and improve the list.

List of alternatives

  • render.com One of the top Heroku alternatives with a free plan to get started.
  • fly.io Run your full stack apps (and databases!) all over the world. No ops required.
  • railway.app Railway is the cloud that takes the complexity out of shipping software.
  • cyclic.sh Connect your GitHub repo. We will build, deploy and manage the hosting.
  • qoddi.com Qoddi is a fully managed App Hosting Platform running on a tier 1 network at 10% of the cost of similar solutions.
  • deta.sh Build & deploy your ideas on the universe's most developer friendly cloud platform.
  • adaptable.io Just connect your GitHub repository and let Adaptable handle the rest.
  • alwaysdata.com All your services in one place.
  • netlify.com Free static site hosting with GitHub integration
  • withcoherence.com Coherence automates DevOps for early stage teams laser focused on customer value.
  • northflank.com Deploy any code, job, or database in seconds.
  • cockroachlabs.cloud Database - CockroachDB Serverless is a next-generation PostgreSQL, with consumption-based, truly elastic scaling and pricing. It has a free tier and no credit card is needed for signing up.

Source: github.com

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